About LTC Matrix

LTC Matrix was created because of the potential increase in value that Litecoin has in the next 24 months. That's right, LTC has the potential to 10x back to previous All Time Highs within the next 24 months.

We created a team/company forced matrix system that rewards both the recruiter with 100% matching bonus as well as direct referral bonuses and the non recruiter alike. Everyone who enters LTC Matrix will enter the 3x14 matrix directly after the last person who joined the program.

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Why Choose LTC Matrix

Recruiter or non recruiter, we have the program for you!


Safe and Secure

We have implemented many features to keep your funds safe and withdrawable only to your wallet.


Experts Support

Have a question? Send us your support questions and we will answer them within 24 hours.


Matching Bonuses

Earn 100% matching bonuses on all of your referrals matrix earnings everyday.


Direct Referral Bonuses

Earn a daily referral bonus for each referral who has an active subscription.


Inexpensive Costs

Each subscription cost just 0.10 LTC to purchase. Even when Litecoin value goes up, our memebrship cost will still be affordable.



You only need 3 people who get 3 people to get your matrix rolling. With our daily recurring subsciption you will see members falling under you daily.

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Total Subscriptions
Total Positions
Total Paid


Our 3x14 Company Forced system is sure to have appeal to all marketers looking to generate income online.

All members earn a 0.025 LTC direct referral bonus when their referrals purchase a 30 day subscription for 0.10 LTC. All members will earn 100% matching bonus on their referrals matrix!

Introducing the Fast Cyclers

Both Fast 1x1 and Fast 3x1 are company forced cyclers.

Upon cycling Fast 3x1, you will receive another entry into the Fast 1x1 as well as 3 entries into the 3x14.